Our Process

Our process is different; it’s simple and easy.

It’s important to us that our homebuyers always know where their loan application stands. We want our customers to have full confidence that we are finding the right loan with the best benefits.

Our clients have the option to follow the process either online or in person with their licensed loan officer.



Be informed.


Step 1

Homebuyer to fill out Envision Capital’s online application and provide documentation to ensure our loan officers can find the best suited loan.

Presentation of Options

Step 2

Our loan officers from Envision Capital will present to the buyer their loan options.

Loan Selection

Step 3

Client selects the best loan from the options presented.

Disclosures & Documentation

Step 4

We provide our clients with documentation for their loan so they are educated on costs to close, down payment, finance charges, prepayment information, and any insurance requirements, restrictions, etc.


Step 5

Our team ensures all the detailed documentation is in order before signing the loan.

Loan Approval

Step 6

Once all the documentation is completed, our loan officer will provide a formal loan approval.

Home Appraisal

Step 7

This step is to ensure the loan is appropriate for the value of the home.

Closing Disclosure

Step 8

Closing disclosure is when our client signs the paperwork to purchase the home.


Get pre-qualified, we're ready to help.